New Sofa, Part 1- Planning

I had to part ways with my old leather sectional.  It had sentimental value, as a hand-me-down from my mom…but was too big for my new place.  Moreover, it seemed like I was the only person who enjoyed its largeness and nostalgic comfort.  So, it was time to look for a replacement.


I don’t need a new sofa per se…just some additional seating in the cave.  As a result, it seemed silly to drop a few thousand dollars on a sofa that fits my long-term home design goals (minimalist, mid-century modern, + wood accent).

I’ve made some woodstuffs before…why not make one?  I doodled what I wanted on paper, then in SketchUp.  Something with straight lines with some subtle angles on the arms, a tight seat and tight back for simplicity and tufting for added visual interest.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.30.50 PM

After a few weeks-months of research and doodling, it was clear to me that starting a project like this from scratch was optimistic (requiring techniques and technology that I don’t possess) and comparably expensive to some new retail purchases (requiring hardwood boards, springs, and other materials just for the frame).  Moreover, it’s not quite green to create a new sofa out of new materials to emulate a decades-old design when so many examples exist in good enough shape. Let’s reupholster!

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